Dear future,

I looked at tomorrow 

It felt intense 

There was no sorrow

Just hope of existence

Every thought felt real

And my heart fluttered 

This is all surreal

Then my mind uttered

I sat in silence 

as the thoughts shushed

today and tomorrows alliance 

and the moment rushed 

I pen it down 

My hope of existence 

With a subtle frown

The moment felt intense 

I hope it gets better

Consider this a letter

Dear future,

Are you alright?

I hope you’d be a delight 

Everything doesn’t feel so good 

I somehow feel misunderstood

They think they know me 

How do I make them see

I have lost my identity 

All that surrounds is negativity 

Even though the thoughts persist 

I really hope you exist 

I don’t expect you to be a bliss

Neither a dark abyss

I won’t give up on you

I hope we make it through 

Every dream every expectation 

With the wish of admiration 

and not the torment

now my heart is like a moon crescent

from present

The talk.

Let’s talk,

A crime has been committed. You are the victim and the criminal is somebody very close to you. That somebody committed the crime of thinking, thinking that he knows you well. You are the victim and the criminal is you. You need to stop! Stop being that somebody to people around you. You might know their life but the thing is you just know it you didn’t really go through it. You might sympathize with them because a part of their story is so very similar to yours. What you don’t realize is that only a small part of it is similar. You both agree on the similarities but is it the same?

It’s so easy to discuss somebody else’s life. It’s as thrilling as that one question of complete the story in section B of the English paper but let’s be honest have our answers ever made sense? Our discussions are made up as that one night before the debate competition when Rita couldn’t sleep and saw the light blink and instead of switching it off, she became sherlock homes. We DO NOT have the courage or the guts to ask the person what actually happened but somehow find the strength to talk about it when they are not around. If someone is not telling us what happened that is because they don’t want to.  

Why do we take it upon ourselves to look for reasons of a mishap when we aren’t given any? We talk every day to people around us but we do not go around playing suicide, do we? There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that talking is easier than committing suicide. Don’t you think if somebody took their own life then maybe that seemed easier to them than actually talking about it?  Invasion of one’s privacy and judgments being passed by people on one’s life is one of the biggest reasons of depression and self-harm and the talkers have now lent their ears to people going through mental health problems. “life is beautiful, so do not commit suicide”, has it ever occurred to you that if somebody has a beautiful life, they will not take a step like that in the first place. 

Being straight-up honest if I am going through a mental health problem, I will not talk to you about it because I would not want you to evaluate my situation and tell me how I should feel. You telling me to be happy and smile would probably not make me smile. A person going through depression is desperately looking for happiness and is consciously or subconsciously aware of the fact that he needs to be happy and has the deepest desire for it. If someone ends up opening up about their problems to a person and then later found out that they didn’t really care that will only end up hurting them even more. We need to realize that it is not always easy to talk because every story has numerous characters. 

Let’s stop talking NOW.


Feeling that made me lonely

Wasn’t the feeling that i seeked for,

I looked for comfort

In the pain.

Feeling that made me anxious

Wasn’t the feeling that i seeked for,

I looked for peace

In the rain.

Feeling that made me arrogant

Wasn’t the feeling that i seeked for,

I looked for flattery

In the blame.

Feeling that made me scared

wasn’t the feeling that i seeked for,

I looked for approval

In the shame.

Feeling that made me nostalgic

Wasn’t the feeling that i seeked for.

I looked for you

In the sane

But wait didn’t i seek love?